Project Properties

List of project properties and their functions

TestSuite properties

Some properties like QC_TestPlanDirectory, QC_TestLabDirectory, QC_TestSet can also be configured at the testsuite level. If specified at the testsuite level, the testsuite value will take precedence over project values.


Specifying these values at the test suite is very useful when users want to map each test suite to a different testplan, testlab, testset.

Property Purpose Sample value Required
QC_URL HP ALM URL. Must end with /qcbin Yes
QC_Domain HP ALM domain name default Yes
QC_Project HP ALM project name demo-project Yes
QC_user HP ALM user name. The user must
have the following permissions in ALM
  • add tests
  • add delete design steps
  • add test plan
  • add testset
  • add/delete runs
jsmith Yes
QC_password HP ALM password value. The
password is encrypted and masked
QC_TestPlanDirectory HP ALM Test Plan path. If the path
does not exist, Dragonfly will create it
Subject\testplan01 Yes
QC_TestLabDirectory HP ALM Test Lab path. ReadyAPI test
results will be saved in this location. If
the path does not exist, Dragonfly will
create it automatically.
Root\testlab01 Yes
QC_TestSet HP ALM Testset value. ReadyAPI test
results will be saved in this location. If
the testset does not exist, Dragonfly
will create it automatically.
myTestSet01 Yes
QC_soapUI_ARGS When running ReadyAPI via command
line via continuous integration tools
like Jenkins or Bamboo or when
running ReadyAPI from HP ALM, users
can specify any testrunner.bat
arguments in this parameter. note: most users will not need this setup
"-j" "-fC:\Reports" No
QC_BulkUpdate If you think that Dragonfly adds too
much overhead and you need to
speed up your test execution, you can
speed up the process by doing a bulk
update at the end of the test run.
Please read Bulk Update configuration for detailed instructions.
QC_RunName Overrides default run name.

Default format is Run:
release-1.6-run No
QC_ProjectPath If running ReadyAPI tests via HP ALM,
carefully specify this value. By default,
when tests are exported to HP ALM,
Dragonfly takes the user's local ReadyAPI
project location and dynamically
creates VBS script in HP ALM test case.

In ALM, tests can run on a variety of
hosts. The user should make sure that
all the hosts have the ReadyAPI project in
the specified location.

We recommend that user's use git,
svn, etc to synchronize the code on
ALM hosts. You can also store ReadyAPI
project in some network path.

QC_soapUIPath When running ReadyAPI tests via HP
testlab, dragonfly uses ReadyAPI's
testrunner.bat and default to the
user's ReadyAPI location.

If the ALM nodes don't have ReadyAPI
installed in the same location as the
exporting user, you should specify the
path to testrunner.bat
D:\ReadyAPI\bin\testrunner.bat No
QC_Export_Disabled_Tests If enabled, all tests (disabled +
enabled) will be exported to ALM testset.

QC_Dragonfly_Plugin Enables or disables the Dragonfly
plugin. Useful when you don't want
tests to be automatically exported
while running.

QC_Override_Test_Runs If enabled, removes all previous test runs in HP ALM so test has only one run. enabled