ALM Credentials

Highly Recommended

By default, Dragonfly stores your ALM username and encrypted password in the ReadyAPI project file.

In large teams where projects are shared across team members, this setup may not be ideal because each person will need to update the username and password values in the project to reflect their own login details.

Dragonfly provides a way of specifying ALM username and password outside of the project. If this is enabled, Dragonfly will always read the username and password value from the system and ignore the values in the project. We highly recommend this setup.

If using 5.1.2 or higher or ReadyAPI, navigate to the .dragonfly folder via command prompt.


Local ALM credentials

java -jar dragonfly.bat login [username] [password]


This will create a user-setting.xml file which will contain your username and encrypted password.

  • Now all export, import, and test case update actions in Dragonfly will use the ALM credentials stored in user-settings.xml.
  • Note: Do not edit this file directly. If you need to update the credentials, simply run the command again. It will over-write the file.