Important difference between soapUI and ReadyAPI :

With the release soapUI 5.12 and ReadyAPI, Smartbear changed the plugin architecture. As such, there are some minor differences that users will experience when comparing their experience with soapUI 4.x and 5.0x (legacy plugin architecture) vs. soapUI 5.12 and ReadyAPI (new plugin architecture)

Installation Directory for soapUI 5.12 and ReadyAPI :

In the new plugin architecture, Smartbear requires that all plugins are installed under

Plugin installation location


example: C:\Users\agiletestware\.soapui\plugins

The dragonfly java based installer will automatically detect user.home.soapui and copy the installation files to user.home\.soapui\plugins and user.home\dragonfly folders.

Installation Directory for soapUI 5.0x and soapUI 4.x :

In the legacy plugin architecture, soapUI requires that all plugins are installed in

Legacy plugin installation location

[soapui installation folder]\bin\plugins

example: C:\Program Files\SmartBear\SoapUI-Pro-4.6.4\bin\plugins